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Resources for families during COVID-19

By working together, school and home, we can help make this experience smoother for all kids.  I will daily update resources available to help families cope with the current COVID-19 situation.  

Do you need

  • Recommendations for talking to young people about COVID-19--how do you explain to them?
  • Suggestions for helping kids with classwork at home--are you meeting with difficulties getting kids to stay focused or organized or motivated?
  • Information on breakfast/lunch pickup
  • What can we do to keep kids entertained during long days at home?
  • Ways to support kids who are stressed, bored, depressed, anxious
  • Resources here in town--we know that job stability may become a concern for families

I’ll be adding information and resources as we go.  

              Questions--please feel free to contact me      stober@hamiltonisd.org      254 386 8055