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HJH Drama Class Performs for 2nd Graders

Mrs. Craig and her HJH drama class recently performed for our AWE 2nd graders. Students wrote their own version of certain fairy tales and performed for our younger students. Way to go!

Paw Power Explanations

Today, August 24, we reviewed the ways that students are rewarded for good behavior for our Paw Power Celebrations at the end of each six weeks. We also showed students ways that points can be deducted if behaviors are not appropriate.

Students & Teachers Create Social Contracts

Teachers and students at HJH collaborated in odd-numbered classes today to form Social Contracts as part of Capturing Kids' Hearts. A social contract is an agreement of behavior that helps a classroom become self-managing. The contract should be visited at least once a day and managed by the whole group. A successful Social Contract can create a self-managing group and help build relationships between teachers and students, and also build relationships between students. It has been proven to be a highly effect tool in the Capturing Kids' Hearts process.

HJH Teachers and Dress Code Violations

HJH Teachers and Staff demonstrated how NOT TO dress at our school today for the student body. Students helped identify violations in dress as teachers paraded on stage.

Slideshow about HJH Dress Code

This slideshow has pictures of appropriate and/or inappropriate dress for Hamilton Junior High. Please come by the office if you have questions.

HJH OAP hosts District 10-AA Competition

HJH hosted the District 10-AA District competition on Tuesday, November 7th. Hamilton had Justin Dearing, Outstanding Crew; Ashtyn Hansard, Honorable Mention All Star Cast, and both Sutton Lee and Konner Ford, All Star Cast.
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